Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Blow Your Mind

Take My Hand

We wouldn’t necessarily call it a stretch, but it was exactly what it looked like in the amazing photo!
Is it Mr. Fantastic masquerading as a casual bystander? Straight off the best optical illusion department, this innocuous photo shows that the man in the background has somehow stretched his hand all the way to grasp the girl’s shoulders. But it’s a clever trick. The hand really belongs to the girl’s best friend just right beside her. Great timing, really.

You Only Have To Ask

You see cats interacting with humans all the time- there’s nothing special there. But an amazingly-timed photo of a cat and a human is an almost impossible endeavor!
You’ll need incredible luck and a high-speed camera. Now, take a look at this photo and say that it isn’t perfect. Two different trucks with slogans on their sides and back. A superb coincidence that complements each other. It’s serendipity at its finest! If you could answer this question, would you? Think about it for a moment. Do you seriously love your bum?

The Kicking Mannequin

Perfectly staged, you say? Well, the timing just couldn’t be more perfect! This picture is a one of a kind miracle that catches the act like none other.
You see, this woman was just going about her day, working at the store and fixing the store goods and merchandise. A regular day, right? Not for her. The owners were probably bored and decided that they needed to give the woman a bit of a push- literally! They then positioned the “kicking mannequin” to deliver the point across right in her bum. Point taken? We hope so.

I’ll Just Stretch Here For A Second

Try as you might, you won’t find this scene in movies or television shows. This 100% natural shot was taken when an elephant decided that it was the best time to get a bit of exercise, right there on top of a car. Now try moving a huge, hundred-pound animal and see if you can do it. An elephant can have his way, and you can’t really do anything to move that baggage out of your car. The wisest thing to do is just leave it as it is and relax a little! Enjoy the moment because this is the closest thing to an African safari. Oh, and don’t forget to snap a picture!

Food Truck In

It’s an optical illusion that you wouldn’t believe. That, or you’re really craving for a waffle and seeing double. You see, the waffle truck is smack-dab right in the middle of two horses on each end, which gives off the picture that you’re seeing the longest horse in the whole world. Hilarious, right? Okay, now that we’ve explained it, can we get the waffles now?

The Great Cover Up

This photo manages to capture a lot of funny things at once that it’s difficult to tell the story straight. First, there’s the lady riding the train who’s blissfully unaware of how just how perfectly well-placed the picture on her paper is. Then, there’s the guy who’s really trying his hardest to put up a casual poker face while trying to capture the moment. You can see that the guy’s about to burst apart at the seams trying not to laugh!

The Fish Couldn’t Bear It

Nature is one of the best inspirations for when you need a truly stunning photo. The fish and the bear deliver one amazing photography captured in one poignant scene. It’s as if you’re experiencing a slow-motion moment of a bear opening his mouth at the exact same time a fish swims up the river stream. Don’t feel sad for the luck of the fish, though. It’s all a part of earth’s food chain. Everything has its place, and these fascinating scenes make the world go round.

Blending With The Scenery

Let’s start off with things you don’t see everyday. In fact, let’s start with the fact that you won’t be seeing this trailer because it’s so perfectly camouflaged!This special truck was made specifically to blend in with the natural environment, but who knew it would work too well? Commuters probably wouldn’t notice it until it’s literally right in front of them. Plus, it would make for a great hideout for when let’s say, zombies want to eat your brains.

The Longest Cat In The World

This picture proves that yes, there’s a cat that has a long body existing today! Why isn’t this cat in the papers and doing shows? Well, as you may have seen, he’s hiding in his equally long tin foil tube all the while. There’s also this possibility that he can’t get out the tube because he’s stuck for who knows how long, but we’re just happy to find him! Oh, and don’t forget to take a pic as proof! There you go.

Location Location Location

Ah, the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer, one of Brazil’s most famous tourist landmarks. You can get a lot of amazing shots here, but it wouldn’t hold up to this spectacular photo captured at just the right moment!
Whether the pilot intended to get this aerial maneuver or not we’ll never know. But we’re happy that he did! The imitation of the pose and the position was simply flawless. The plane on the foreground with the statue doing the same thing on the background is exquisite! If you ever need a sample of real life imitating art, then here it is.


Uh-oh, this soldier is in deep trouble if his commander finds out he’s been slacking off and not paying attention. Case in point- a truly wonderful squad formation, deserving of military praise. The only problem? This guy right here in the middle has grown tired of it. All he wants is to take a quick nap. The poor soldier may have been so tired from being up all night practicing that he didn’t get much sleep. He may have been lulled senseless from standing so long in line with the rest of the squad, doing the left-right left-right march. Granted, it was just one quick yawn, but an eagle-eyed photographer took advantage of the moment and snapped a quick photo. Don’t tell the commander that you’ve been slacking off on the job!

The Moon and The Rings

An epic, majestic moment that’s glorious as it is fascinating! As such, it will be truly rare that we’ll get to see a duplicate picture ever again. You’ll wonder at the effort it took to hang up those Olympic rings at the exact same moment and at the exact same location where the full moon will be rising. What’s more, isn’t it fascinating to think about how the moon could be considered the sixth ring in such a prestigious global event?

No Monkey Business

The monkey in this picture probably had no idea that his photo was being taken. Would he have known that this perfectly-timed photo would go viral? We guess not! A monkey had one thing and only one thing on his mind alone- he wanted to see what the heck was hiding under the girl’s skirt!
Did the monkey see what he was expecting to see? Was he expecting lots of food, or maybe some sweet treats? Judging by the surprised expression, probably not. But your guess is as good as anyone else’s!

A Form Of Diving

We’re pretty sure that this photo captures an entirely new form of diving. If we had to guess, then it could be expressionism!
That look captures the essence of keeping focused while falling down full speed onto a huge swimming pool. She had to really look professional for those finishes, doesn’t she? The diver probably didn’t win any congeniality awards, if there was one.

The Guest In The Purple Dress

How awesome would it be if one wedding guest knew how to work the dance floor? The photo seems to show the purple-dressed lady doing cool break dance moves that rocks the house. Even the MC on the back looks impressed!
The lady had only good intentions right from the start. She wanted to do a solo dance for the bride and groom and wow the audience. There’s no harm in dancing in a long gown, right? But her dress had other plans. The woman stepped on her dress, and down she went! Too bad everyone had their phones out and took a shot of this embarrassing moment. Poor lady in the purple dress.

A Goat Feeling

The kids of yesteryear went to the farm to do farm things, like collecting eggs, milking the cow and feeding the animals. Who knew that farm animals could evolve with the times? Today, we see goats taking selfies and sharing their pics on social media. Hey, who would have thought they could evolve to take advantage of the fame they can achieve by mixing and mingling with us humans? What’s next?! Cows blogging?

Never The Bride

Brides always have it easy. What about the poor bridesmaids who have plenty of competition in the bouquet-catching ceremony? This is what the girl in the middle (yeah, the one with the black hair) was probably thinking when they snapped this picture. That’s a truly determined look right there- she was probably going at it a hundred percent more than the other bridesmaids around her! There’s no doubt that she could truly use just a bit of that bouquet magic in her life. We can only look on and wish her the best in life. Go get it, girl!

Tackle Like A Model

It’s so hard to look awesome when you’re running down the track with a few hundred-pound men going after you. But somehow this football athlete managed to look good!
This type of feat is virtually impossible to accomplish in the athletic world of sports. There’s the usual feats of amazing strength, agility or dexterity, but this? He probably has another job moonlighting as a model because he looks the part. It could be that he was daydreaming about his other job and forgot not to mix the two up. Whatever he’s thinking, he sure knows where the cameras are located 24/7!

The Headless Gymnast

Flexibility is as flexibility does, but how flexible can you be that you can lose the head? This girl has gone flexible on a whole new level! The young, ambitious gymnast has worked hard day and night, practicing so much that she thought her head was disembodied. Or maybe it was bent to an unusual angle that it looked like a headless gymnast. Which is it? Whatever it is, this girl truly deserves a medal hung around her neck, which can only be done once her trainer has her head where it’s supposed to be.


Branding is such an important part of a business that it shouldn’t attract negative attention. Ever. How can a brand name like Starbucks go wrong? The coffee and the beans are excellent. Customer service is great. The company is where it should be. What the marketing team probably didn’t think of was how the name “Starbucks” could go to “Suck” with just one sliding door. Oops. A smart fella saw the whole thing and caught it on camera. He’s probably sending it to Starbucks right now and saying how they should re-think their truck branding strategy!

Tie Down

Imagine the following scenario- a man and a woman are about to be married. She wants to make it an event to remember. On her wedding day, she wants to do something really, really special. But what can she do? Cool flash dances are so ten years ago. Unexpected entrances are ho-hum. But then the bride remembered how the groom loved horses, and then a light bulb flashed in her head. She turned into a pretty centaur! It was definitely a day to remember. She’d have to explain that wedding photo to her kids one day, though. But still, it’s undeniably picture perfect awesome!

Rodman or SuperRodman?

Dennis Rodman will do anything for his basketball buddies. He’ll even turn from mild-mannered bad boy to SuperRodman, able to catch flying balls at the speed of light! Superman will be so proud. In fact, if Superman had to organize a superhero team, Rodman would be first on his list.

Those Legs Are Made For Bartending

What more can you ask for? If there’s a thing such as a perfectly timed picture, then this is it. Not to mention that the whole picture paints a thousand words! It’s a window of opportunity for the bartender if he ever fantasized about how he would look like if he wore a short blue skirt coupled with high heels. Bartender, wonder no more!
Don’t mind the small graphical inconsistencies such as the disproportionate body and the fact that a black blazer and a blue skirt is a fashion no-no. If you’d focus on the unique perspective this picture offers, you’d find it hilariously funny.

A Flying Treat

The dog couldn’t believe his eyes- is that a treat flying straight at me, or is it a trick to get me to play catch for the millionth time? You can read the expression in any which way- pure joy, unadulterated excitement, sheer terror? The angle is such that the “treat” seems to be flying at such a super speed that collision is inevitable. We can’t wait to see what happens!


There are photos on the web that show how your pet can assume your image the longer you’re together. Could it be science or just photoshop trickery? Could there be some truth to this observation? This picture might prove that theory to be right all along!
In this photo you see an unusual melding of man and dog. The black dog’s head fits in perfectly with the man’s black shirt and pants. The question begs to be answered- how can you not snap a quick shot if you’re positioned in this angle? It’s a good thing the person who got the photo had a quick mind and got this for the whole world to see.

Buddha Got Himself A Toy

Ooh, what do I have here? A toy airplane. Great! Now I can play instead of sitting here all day long.
Even Buddha needs his alone time every now and then. The poor guy gets to sit on his butt all day long, watching the sky and looking wise, but it gets tiring after 10 years or so. Seeing as you’re a statue, you can’t do much anyways. What’s a god to do in this case? A little fun, that’s what. Buddha passes time these days catching “toy” planes using his fingers, chopstick-style.

1 Ear Up

Does the dog make the license plate or does the license plate make the dog? One thing’s for sure, the owner of both the dog and the car sure knows what’s what!
The funny license plate makes it all the more interesting. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. When the dog gets to his favorite pose, you just have to take out your phone and take a shot! The cuteness of the dog and its quirky nature may have contributed to a traffic jam or two, but it’s all worth it to experience the entertainment while on the road.

The Giraffe Catching The Plane

Can a giraffe’s neck really stretch out hundreds of feed and catch a moving airplane in flight? That’s what this photo wants you to believe.
The safari is a great place to see different wild animals in their natural state. The rhinos charging for territory, the zebras running from predators and the majestic lions snoozing under the sun. But a giraffe catching a literal flight is one for the books. Your kids may be asking- can a giraffe be tall enough to really get one? You’ll be glad to know that the average height for a full-grown giraffe is only around 20 ft tall. Yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief now.

Someone’s Feeling Royal

Referees are the undisputed authority figures on a basketball court. They call the fouls and have the power to throw a player or a coach out of the game. But who knew that one referee would take it literally?
This referee has got a crown on his head during a game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Dallas Mavericks. The crown in this case is painted on the floor, but the timing of the shot was absolutely glorious. It looks like the ref had all the power in the court while his loyal subjects were standing around. Well, this better be a temporary thing or the rest of the referees might stage a revolt!

Unleashing Money

What’s the next evolutionary step for our canine friends? In the past, they were wild wolves who were domesticated by humans. Then, through breeding and training, they became our best friends. Dogs are trained to help those with abilities and to protect in places such as malls, airports, etc.
How neat would it be if we train them to do mundane chores? You know, like collecting money in ATMs and stuff? It seemed like some people already know how to teach their dogs new tricks. Case in point- a dog reaches out for money while inside a car. This photo trickery is timed just rightly so. Bottom line is if you can’t go out, you can trust man’s best friend to do it for you!

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